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LUNCH IN CANTARRANA "An inspiring proposal for life in the Colombian countryside"

05 | 02 | 2019

Delayed dreams? Is living in the countryside traveling a path of only difficulties? Is producing our food the task of titans? Is it an essential requirement to have many financial resources? Do you have to wait until you reach retirement?

At the Cantarrana farm in Filandia (Q), a couple of city dwellers have been trying to find answers to these questions for 13 years from a perspective based on the principles of respect for nature, safety and food sovereignty; an experience, without a doubt, very inspiring.

On a small piece of land (only 2,000 m2) plants, animals and the loving work of their owners harmonize to produce eggs, milk, vegetables, plantains, cassava, cheese, corn and other products that are part of the daily important part of the food they eat; in addition to the medicinal and culinary plants that are not missing on your table. A genuine proposal on how to face the challenges of modern life.

And to share with visitors, they offer a delicious, balanced and very complete VEGETARIAN lunch, made with some of the farm's products, where the invitation, in addition to enjoying the place and approaching this experience, is healthy and responsible consumption. with their own health and that of the environment.

Come with your friends and family to discover this proposal, which we are sure will not leave you indifferent. Cheer up and find out more details here: 😎👉🏼

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