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Beard Conservation District - Bremen

11 | 08 | 2018
Beard Conservation District - Bremen

Geographically located in the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Filandia and Circasia and Salento in Quindío, and Pereira, in Risaralda. It has become another favorite destination for tourists who come to visit this region. The location and distribution of the main water currents shows the hydrological richness and the importance of the "fluvial star of Quindío".

The Barbas-Bremen natural regional park is defined as an area of multiple use, with regional influence, covering two departments with a representative sample of ecosystems and populations of flora and fauna. the regional fauna, regulated by reason of the importance of the ecosystems and the environmental services that these provide for the maintenance of the human communities settled in their interior and / or zone of influence.

Environmental Corridor

The barbas river canyon contains 790 hectares of Andean rainforest; fortunately protected and conserved due to its steep slope.
This is connected to the forest reserve of Bremen la Popa by four environmental corridors located on the slopes of some tributaries of the Barbas river.
The park area includes three Main blocks of Andean rainforest: Bremen, Barbas and Cestillal, as well as the surrounding landscape. The northern and eastern limits of the area are demarcated by the highway that connects the cities of Armenia and Pereira; to the west and south the area borders on livestock landscapes.

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