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We are convinced that EVERYONE should and can live equitably, which is why in this section you will find the best adventures with an inclusive approach where people and/or travelers with some specific requirement or conditions of physical, visual or hearing disabilities will be able to live an unforgettable experience. .

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Tourist Routes and Pasadías

In this section you will find day trips or tourist routes of two or more experiences that you can live morning and afternoon.

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extreme adventures

Live the best adventure experiences such as mountain biking, paragliding, canoeing, rock climbing, canopy, among others.

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Rural Adventure is projected in 2026 as a leading technological platform specialized in the commercialization of nature experiences and life in the countryside, in Colombia and Latin America, recognized as t...


Rural Adventure exists to reconnect the human being with nature and the countryside. Below is a testimonial from one of our allies:

LUNCH IN CANTARRANA "An inspiring proposal for life in the Colombian countryside"

Delayed dreams? Is living in the countryside traveling a path of only difficulties? Is producing our food the task of titans? Is it an essential requirement to have many financial resources? Do you have to w...

Code of Conduct

In compliance with the provisions of Article 1 of Law 1336 of 2009, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has developed a model of Codes of Conduct, which according to the provisions of this Law mus...

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